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Warren Beatty at his best

Warren Beatty attacks Gov. Arnold. You know, the standard stuff: Arnold is governing by spin, photo ops, is trying to impose Bush’s policies in California, hates unions, and is a fascist. It is rumored that he may run against Arnold.

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You’ve got to love Arnold’s response to this. To paraphrase: "We don’t care about Warren Beatty and to judge from his ticket receipts from the last generation, no one else does either."

Does the guy who played Napoleon Dynamite have any political aspirations?

My initial reaction to the Governator’s response was somewhere between indifference and a small groan of disdain. After all, Arnie’s recent box office receipts haven’t been so hot lately either, and his acting abilities and accomplishments are the polar opposite of Beatty’s, if we’re going to play the silly game of judging politicians or would-be politicians by Hollywood popularity or artistry. But I guess I’ve "got to love" his response! Of the accusations Beatty levels against Arnie, as listed by Peter, I’d say all are dead on, with the last one being merely arguable.

Arnold is on the right track. If the redistricting proposition makes it through many of the incumbents will be replaced.

His charisma is part of the reason he was so successful at first.

He does have a lot in common with President Bush. He took on some of the sacred cows of the communist / socialist / democratic party and they are now resisting with all their usual tactics and participants.

I hope California will give him the chance to put things right. The alternative is a further slide into socialism for the state of California with it’s corresponding capital and job flight.

Gee thanx Warren, fer helpin me upchuck muh dinner wit yer vacuous and bilbious pronencimentos on all things related to governence.

Ah dooo buleeve ya aught to entertain us "yokles" wit yer moovies and spare us yer dimwit pohlitical views a la Al Franken and Fil Dunahoo or whatever.

Modern day entertainers are simply the descendants of the court jester. When court jesters made political commentary in the course of their jobs as jesters, it was fine - nay, often funny and actually entertaining. Of course, when they spoke outside of their capacity as entertainers, they quickly became about 8 pounds lighter from above the shoulders. Maybe this isn’t such a bad system. At the end of the day, I just wish these people that play make-believe for a living would just shut up and entertain me!

Absolutely, Henry old chap! We should execute any loud mouth celeb for spouting off about stuff that ain’t their concern! Unless, of course, it’s Bruce Willis or Toby Keith or some other right-winger who’s doing the spouting. Then it’s just A-OK!!!

So, Hank (Comment 6), did you develop your disdain for entertainers getting political immediately AFTER The Terminator...err...Gov. Schwarzenneger took office?

No, I have disdain for all of them - unless, and until, they actually take the risk to run for and win public office. So, I have no problem with Governor Schwarzenegger. He’s a governor, after all. Thanks for your quick-reflexed assumption that I’m a conservative, though. I must have hit close to home to the Susan Sarandon fan club! It looks like I’ve found the president and vice-president. Sorry your feelings were hurt.

Warren Beatty was the subject of a No Left Turns blog-post. It’s pretty clear that we were getting a pro-Arnold, anti-Warren blurb from Schramm, and you seemed to be running in a similar direction with the topic, unless your "court jester" reference was aimed at Gov. S. (and as you’ve clarified, it was not). I guess it’s theoretically possible that you’re not a conservative, but it seems reasonable to think that you are. Don’t know about Stan, but you didn’t hurt my feelings, so no worries, Henry.

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