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William H. Rehnquist, RIP

The Associated Press is reporting that Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist died this evening at his home in Virginia. Rehnquist was a great jurist and statesman. He will be sorely missed.

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Rehnquist has been dead for over a week. Rove saved his body for damage control to clean up after bush made another mess.

So, readers of NLT, I put it before you:

Is HDT (1) the same DUmmy who posed this ludicrous story on the DU, (2) just another Leftist nutjob listening to the voices in his head (probably Teddy Kennedy or Michael Moore), or (3) a conservative ’plant’ to discredit the Left (as if this required anything other than their own words)?

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And before I forget, Rehnquist was a great man. GRHS

I assume HDT’s comment was intended as a parody of the DU. At least I hope it was.

Rehnquist was a brilliant jurist and will truly be missed. He was one of the few judges of our time that was true to the Constitution.


Thanks for the intellectial diarrhea. Maybe you should call Michael Moore and see if he needs a script writer for his next movie.

None of the above. Why does Michael Moore come so readily to mind?

I would assume he meant that Michael Moore is the master of spin and lies. According to your first post, it looks like you would fit right in. I seriously hope that you are not serious and that you are making fun of the numerous DU posts that I for one have seen. If you actually believe this, you are hopeless and I can only have pity on you for being in such a sad (absolutely pathetic) state.

Anonymous (Comment 6) - What does "intellectial" mean, exactly?

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