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Could This Be. . .

. . . some kind of double-topspin Machiavellian play to goad Democrats (and weak-kneed Republicans) into tanking a stealth nominee and then coming back with Luttig or Estrada or Janice Rogers Brown?

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I can’t imagine that’s the case. For starters, why would Bush put a close friend through that?

For another, what would be the point? He has enough votes to get through any number of great judges. All this does is piss off the right, and I’m being kind in my description of their reaction. Plus, if she were defeated, how much power would he have to fight for a true conservative nominee in her place?

I want to know who in the administration thought this pick would go over well with ANYONE.

This is exactly the scenario that popped into my head a few mintes ago. She will not make it to the Senate chamber. He’ll let the Dems fire their big guns and withdraw the nomination after they run out of ammo. Lined up next for confirmation...hmmm?

Eh, dream on. It’s not the first time Bush has dropped the ball in a serious way. His "domestic" instincts (or those of his advisors) just don’t read the base very well (or don’t care, worse). If he thinks this will improve his numbers, well...he’s wrong. The base is getting quite irritated.

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