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Louisiana’s history of corruption

This New York Times story on corruption in Louisiana is important. It’s the first MSM article I have seen on it, so people can now begin talking about how to try to get the billions of federal dollars in the right hands, rather than corrupt government officials (how is LA like a thrid world country?) without sounding politically incorrect.

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When will you be running a story about corruption in Ohio? Anytime soon?

Don’t count on it, HDT. It’s always funny to see what subjects don’t even get touched here at No Left Turns. It’s as though they are in a cloister, in order to protect their fragile ideologies. Here are some other things that I’ve put in requests for but, so far, not a thing:

1. Bob Taft’s "no contest" plea and his involvement in the Ohio "Coingate" scandal.

2. The "Marine of the Year" Iraq veteran who shot out of his window in Boston and injured 2 (American, civilian) people

3. The breakdown of the London Police’s story regarding their fatal shooting of the Brazilian man on the tube (no
turnstile-jumping, no heavy jacket, etc.)... I haven’t heard one peep abou that shooting here. But we are winning the Global War against Violent Extremists, right??? But those cops were neither violent nor extreme, I guess.

4. The gun-nut in Texas who drove over those crosses in apparent counter-protest at the Sheehan camp - sorta seems like he was at least making a veiled threat against Sheehan’s right to speak...


5. Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, a popular, democratically-elected leader of Venezuela


6. The white guy who tried to get a bomb on a plane in Okla. City recently (his name is Charles Alfred Dreyling, Jr.)

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