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Miers Withdraws

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Good. It’s about time.

Thank God. Now, don’t nominate Gonzales.

He probably will nominate Gonzales...

A Gonzales nomination would be a Miers blunder x10. If he does such a thing, he is truly unfit to govern - impeachment will be the only real option...

A Gonzales nomination is extremely unlikely given the reasons provided for the Miers withdrawal (even though they are obviously face-saving devices). Gonzales would have the same executive privilege issues surrounding him that Miers had.

That’s not to say that Bush won’t just pick some other unknown potential Souter clone, but it is highly unlikely that such a clone will come from within the administration itself at this point.

We cannot count on Bush doing the right thing or the smart thing at this point. The record of lousy judgments and cave-ins by this president is simply too long. Exhibit A is the Miers nomination. It should not be forgotten by conservatives. It should be remembered, in great detail.

Yew pointy-headed innnerleckshuls are gonna ree-gret bad-mouthin’ our Great President. Yew done shoulda trusted him, cuz he reads the bible everyday. An’ he knows in his hart that Myers is a good God-fearin’ woman.

Whut’re you, sum kinda Ay-rab lovin’ Al-Kayda types?

Git ’er done!

Piss off and die, Larry.

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