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Turns out David Frum was only joking about Miers. And today he calls the Miers pick "an unforced error." So as of this moment there are apparently no conservatives showing enthusiasm about this pick.

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My fears coincide with Peter’s. She clearly has a certain toughness and gift for making her way in the world (e.g., first female president of the Texas Bar Association, if I’m not mistaken), but that doesn’t make her the kind of constitutionalist we need.

noted here, and Hayward of all people ought to know this, that Frum is a guy who seriously questioned whether Ronald Reagan was a conservative, and actually scoffed at the notion that he was. So why place so much weight on his sizing up a close friend and ally to Bush, who I would have to believe Frum believes is a card-carrying member of the Henry Wallace Great Society of Progressives (HWGSP)?

August Camden here with another Super Duper Movie Minute!

Well folks, summer has gone and autumn has arrived. While it’s certainly sad to have no more Summer Blockbusters to salivate over until ’06 (X3- CAN’T WAIT!!), there’s still plenty to be excited about this fall. Here’s what I’m excited about: For starters, we have the dashing Orlando Bloom and the scrumdiddlyumptious Kirsten Dunst in Cameron Crowe’s new flick- "Elizabeth Town." If your style’s a bit more rock ’em-sock ’em, then you’ll have to hold your horses ’til October 21, when Mr. Big n’ Bad himself, the Rock, stars in the video-game inspired "Doom." Finally, there’s "Kids in America." The summary for that one reads: "A group of high school seniors band together to combat their principal’s oppressive crackdown on free speech." Can’t wait for Julie Ponzi’s review of that one!!!

I’ll be checkin’ in with ya’ll soon, so ta-ta for now!

Man," notwithstanding of course. Perhaps I should added, in Frum’s assessment, Bush "has become" a card-carrying member of the Henry Wallace Great Society of Progressives (HWGSP). :)

I’m sick and tired of campaiging for, arguing for, working for, donating to candidates that don’t have the guts to actually get stuff done. This is unbelievable. Mr. Bush, you’ve had my support, but I honestly will question your motives for the rest of your administration.

Thanks for learning a lesson from FEMA.

I guess I’ll go volunteer at a few good charities so that I too can become a Supreme Court Justice.


Joe, it was just a bit over 2 hrs. ago that you admitted you know absolutely nothing about her. Now you’re commenting on her character and saying that she’s not what we need. Either you learn extremely fast or you’re quickly influenced by your fellow right-wingers.

M Wojciany,

I stated and stand by my fears--which are just that, fears--and noted only that her success in the Texas legal world probably required certain personal strengths. This doesn’t amount to an endorsement, but simply to a tentative observation. I have a lot to learn about her, as does virtually everyone else in the commentariat.

Glad you’re watching so carefully, if only to fire darts.

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