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Substanceless march

Charles Johnson’s op-ed in the Journal on the latest Million Man March is worth reading.

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Not as substanceless as the Miers’ nomination.

rats - beat me to it

More on the most qualified candidate in the country:

“The year Harriet Miers began work as a senior presidential aide in the White House, the city of Dallas slapped three liens in three months on a property she controls in a low-income minority Dallas neighborhood, records show.”

"the city has issued seven other liens on vacant lots that Miers controls in the same area around Tipton Park.”

It is this outstanding religiosity that the President considered in selecting her. I’m speechless.

I hate to stick up for HM, but lemme say this. It is not unusual for housing code to be used by unscrupulous government officials to either drive working people out of an area they hope to gentrify or to "get at" property holders, particularly land lords they do not like. The former is especially common in "up and coming" areas. What local officials do is make code harder and harder to conform with, or interpret codes to an unreasonably high standard. Such practices force landlords to either sell their property, or raise rents so high that working people cannot afford to lease in that area any more. Thus - gentrification! Plus you get to tar the opposition as a slumlord while you yuppify the area and make developers rich.

I would like to see a lot more information before I take this seriously. If we are talking holes in the roof and no running water, ok that is bad. If we are talking no railings on the basement stairs and a stuck window or two, well...

I don’t know how the estimates of the turnout read, but I was between the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Memorial from 830 - 930 am and I counted 5 black men who looked as if they marched and when I walked back to the State Department, I saw about 15 black muslims (Farrakhan look-alikes).

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