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Hugh Hewitt has now weighed in with a tepid endorsement of Miers. He rests his argument mostly on the thin reed that Miers will support executive power in the GWOT.

One other possibility arises that differs from the Machiavellian explanation floated below (which I don’t believe for a minute): Bush somehow knows that Miers is solid, but her stealth candidacy, which seems to have disarmed the Left for at least this morning, gives Bush the image of having "broken" from his base (a low-grade Sister Souljah moment), which the media thinks is necessary to retrieve his standing with moderate voters. Of course, this kind of gesture never works, but the White House has had a terrible month.

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I write the following as someone who has never voted for a Democrat for national office - ever. I did flushing for Bush on election day in an attempt to get out the vote in "battleground" Ohio. I am a lifelong registered Republican. And yet...

Now we separate conservatives and libertarians - people with principles - from rah rah party types. I will be making notes on who endorses this fraud, this outright sham, this abject cheat of Bush’s core supporters by a man who I am beginning to believe is a fundamentally dishonest charlatan. Hewit’s article is a crock, and his endorsement is tepid because he knows it is a crock. I do not prefer President Bush to my principles, I do not prefer being in the majority to being right. This is the Supreme Court of the United States, not the Commerce Department or some other stupid big government boondoggle. You do not appoint your cronies to the Supreme Court of the United States. Period. Truth is, it does not matter if this woman is a legal philosopher. (And she won’t be, now will she)? She did not earn this appointment by being one of the Bush family enablers. This is one of the 9 most prestigious posts in the American legal galaxy, and it has been handed to someone who makes the First Dullard feel "comfortable."

But of course, she is not a legal philosopher. Indeed, she only recently became a Republican - and as Bush himself has demonstrated, being a Republican hardly makes you an advocate of smaller government, the right to life, etc. This is an abject cheat of the base by a deeply flawed pleaser - a pleaser just like his rudderless father. At some point most honest liberals admitted that Bill Clinton was an unprincipled opportunistic joke. I have to ask myself whether its time to be an honest conservative...

Well guess what WM noone asked you now, did they? While it seems most of my other fellow conservatives are just hoping off the bandwagon just as fast as there little patooties will slide, I still believe in the man I voted for, and wholeheartdly so. I always tell people: This right hand voted for the right man. And yes I still believe that, friends.

We do not know very much about the lady and I say until we do we just stop getting all excited. For my money President George W. Bush hasn’t let me down ONE time. Not a once. I believe that history will vindicate him on the GWOT and for his wise choices on who should be in the Surpreme court.

So I will close by saying this to you all who are doubting the Presidents choices: Wait and see and you shall be surprised by just how wrong you are. The man will lead us to where we need to go if you just give him the chance and trust him. Good day.

Fat Mike

You are either a troll or demented - your post borders on reactionary self-parody. I am guessing the former since Fat Mike is the leftist bandleader of NOFX responsible for Rock Against Bush.

In case you are sincere and your screen name is just a coincidence - yikes!! Bush is not some "dear leader" to be idolized and trusted absolutely - he is an elected official accountable to his base. Furthermore we are not followers, we are free people responsible for a certain level of dissent as well as support. I care nothing for the man, only for the principles; the minute he abandons them I am through with him. Surely there comes a time when you are sorry, not defiant, about voting for a phony. Politics is not college football - there is no virtue in standing by a government-growing, tax and spending, crony-appointer through thick and thin. When a politician betrays his entire base by breaking every promise, his base must desert him until he either learns his lesson or nemesis makes her appointed rounds.

Well my friend WM I am not sure what you mean by calling me a troll but I can definately tell you that I am not named after some band member like you have suggested. My name comes from my highschool football nickname. I was on the offensive line and noone could get around me I can tell you that. I have not heard of this band that your talking about either and I am not a Leftist I can garauntee you.

I have read what you said about President Bush and I just don’t agree with you. I think the man has stuck by what he promised he would do. I think there is no pleasing everyone and at least now we have a leader who will actualy pick a course and STAY WITH IT which is alot more then can be said for Slick willy. I don’t see where President Bush has abandoned his principals like you say he has and I just think you aught to be more thankful to have a REAL CONSERVATIVE in office when it could be a WHOLE LOT worse. Like remember about a year ago when there was a chance that we could of had a big BSer phony named Jon Kerry in office? Well I for one havenot forgoten about that and I am grateful everyday that the right man was elected to lead this great Country of ours. Good day.

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