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Mike Krempasky of RedState collects the good on an unsigned, "not-for-attribution" memo circulating DC attacking Judge Alito for failing to secure the prosecution of a few Italian mobsters back in the 1980s. Just what are they trying to imply here, hmmm?

Trouble is, Microsoft Word documents can be unlocked to see their coding, etc, and it turns out this document was produced at the Democratic National Committee. Moreover, the document originated back in July. Who knows how many anonymous, "not-for-attribution" slime sheets the DNC has on file for all the other potential Court nominees.

What a classy bunch.

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Don’t forget that the slime sheet itself is racist and implies that Alito went easy on some mob prosecutions because he is Italian.

The DNC has reached a new low.

Of course, the Republican Party of Rove and Libby would never do such a thing!

ohio voter--yes: please show me a single example of the RNC doing something similar to a Democratic Supreme Court appointment--ever. And no, you can’t change the subject. Specific example please, on Ginsburg, Breyer, or Thurgood Marshall if you want. I’ll be waiting.

This is almost comical. I’m undecided on Alito, but this attack on Democrats for highlighting his biggest professional setback is pretty interesting. It would be easy to elevate the debate and highlight Alito success rate, but that wouldn’t cast Democrats in a bad enough light. Oh well.

I read the memo. It’s not very interesting overall, but what exactly do you think they are trying to imply here? That he wasn’t a good prosecutor?

Come on. This was about as blatant an example of anti-Italian race-baiting as I have ever seen. The memo might as well have speculated that Alito decided to go easy on them while they were all sitting around in John Gotti’s basement eating spaghetti and meatballs.

Why would the GOP need to attack a Democratic Supreme Court nominee when they can do such to a private citizen like Plame, and in doing so, risk national security?

Man I love that spaghetti!

Gee, ohio voter, seems to me no crime was committed in the "Plame Affair." Moreover, using her influence to send her Democrat hubby to Niger to discredit the Prez makes her "deserving" of attack.

Dain, agreed. It’s a shame so many people keep using my moniker. Anyway, the lack of an underyling crime, release of classified info, or outing of a covert agent all seem to cut against the "Bush endangered national security" talking point. I just wish the liberals actually thought these things through before they spewed vitriol.

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