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Thanks to Hunter Baker, I was able to attend this event last night, along with a couple of Oglethorpe students.

Here are a few thoughts, in no particular order. First, the Georgia Family Council is a polished professional organization that does good work, not only in the state legislative arena, but in the trenches dealing with genuine social problems (divorce and absent fathers). Second, Jim Daly, the President and CEO of Focus on the Family, is an interesting choice as successor to Dr. James Dobson. Much of his experience with FOF is in the international arena, where, he observed, it’s often easier to work on issues of family and fatherhood with pragmatic Chinese and South African leaders than it is with Western Europeans and Canadians. In addition, Daly himself is the product of a highly dysfunctional family; he feels and understands in his bones the problem his organization is addressing.

Third, silent auctions raise more money when you serve something stronger than iced tea to the bidders. (I know this from experience.) Fourth, my Oglethorpe guests acquitted themselves very well in conversations with grown-ups.

Finally, there was at least one NLT reader in the room, indeed at my table (and it wasn’t Hunter or his lovely wife). The internet is a wonderful thing.

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A buddy of mine has done some work with the Georgia Family Council and what he has told me of their good work I am impressed with. I have turned him on to NLT, so maybe you met him at the event! Focus on the Family is a great group that everyone should get to know better. Seeing Dobson’s books at the grochery store makes me think that there might still be some hope for good people that care about morallity. Dr. Knippenberg, do you know exactly what was so dysfunctional in Mr. Dalys past? I guess it could make him better qualified, but it still makes me worry. I have a hard time trusting people from "dysfunctional’ and a unstable backgrounds like that. Too many dissapointments to even list! But we do have to do something about absent fathers and divorces no doubt, about it!

The NLT reader I ran into works in IT at a big evangelical church in the Atlanta suburbs.

Daly’s "dysfunctional" past has to do with his parents’ divorce (age 5), abandonment by his step-father after his mother’s death (age 9 or 10, I can’t remember), and living with a foster family that seemed above all else to be a collection of grifters (my characterization, not his).

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