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Harriet Miers? A quick perusal of the right side of the blogosphere finds reaction running from lack of enthusiasm to alarm and dismay. The success of Roberts shows that a smart conservative (Luttig, McConnell) will steamroll the liberals. A stealth nominee is a big step backward. Redstate notes that Miers has given serious campaign contributions to Democrats ($1,000 to Al Gore in 1988), but also to (fellow Texan) Phil Gramm.

The acid test will be the reaction of Hugh Hewitt, who hasn’t posted yet from his early morning perch out of the left coast. The only way Miers can generate enthusiasm among conservatives is if she picks a big fight with liberals in her confirmation process. But picking public fights is not something this White House does, so don’t hold your breath.

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Picking public fights is not something this White House does? Not true. What was the whole lower court nominations battle but a public fight picked by the White House? Social Security? Geneva conventions? Dissing restrictions on torture through the appropriations process? Guantanamo? The energy bill papers? Going after the GAO afterward? Joe Wilson?

Need I really go on?

This is a confrontational White House. I don’t think there can be all that much dispute over that fact. I’ve heard the construction from Powerline and Red State recently that all partisan wrangling is the fault the Democrats, but I find it hard to believe that anyone truly holds that opinion.

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