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As you watch the loathesome Jimmy Carter pop up on all the TV chat shows promoting his dreadful new book, Our Endangered Values, just warm yourself with the thought that today is the 25th anniversary of the election of Ronald Reagan and the end of the long national nightmare of that grinning fool.

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Warm yourself? Reagan was already suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The guy was a dunce who could barely handle Reader’s Digest and didn’t know the difference between true and false. He was also a typical chickenhawk in the mold of most rightwing cheerleading cowards. At least Carter did some military service for his country.

Where to start? Just one correction for now: Reagan was not a chickenhawk. He joined the army reserves in the 1930s, but had to fake his eye exam to get admitted. His bad eyesight was discovered when WWII broke out, which is why he was confined to a desk job for the duration. If you can’t see well enough to see a target without glasses, the army wouldn’t put you in combat. By why let facts get in the way of a pre-conceived slur. . .

Frank, have you ever read any of Reagan’s personal correspondence or any of the hundreds of radio commentaries that he wrote in the late 1970s? The letters and commentaries are thoughtful and cogent--plainly not the work of a "dunce." And Reagan wrote them himself, by hand--he had no Krock, Schlesinger, Sorenson, or Prof. Jules Davids to ghostwrite for him a la JFK. Your insults are way wide of the mark.

Yea, I always find it interesting that our "smart" Presidents (e.g., Wilson, Nixon, Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton) are such big fat failures, while our "dunce" Presidents (e.g., Truman, Reagan, Bush Jr.) do things like contain the Soviet Union, win the Cold War, and reshape the Middle East. Not too shabby for idiots, I’d say.

When you see a comment starting out with an assertion that is so easily proven false you know the commenter is not very bright. Reagan’s military service is a matter of public record.
Carter’s reason for leaving the service in the middle of the cold war has never been satisfactorily explained. Something about a Yeoman?

But Reagan wasn’t confined to just any desk job. It was a desk job in Hollywood, where he stayed during the entire war. No doubt he wanted to go fight the good fight, and he definitely had a legitimate excuse for not doing so (the eyes), but imagine the different reading every single one of you would give to those facts if it were any Democrat at issue. The Right’s double standards concerning "The Hollywood Elite"’s involvement in politics is beyond transparent.

Bonzo, a Democratic president named Franklin Roosevelt never served a day in uniform and I for one absolutely do not hold it against him. As far as I know, Carter’s Navy service was quite honorable--I never liked his policies as president, rife with weakness and confusion as they were, but that’s a different matter from his military service as a young man.

"I would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

(June 17, 1966)

Sorry for the error in regards to military service. That’s really a red herring though. Reagan was a disaster for the US. not that I had anything against him personally. Even before his Alzheimer’s he was obviously a simpleton, which is why the criminals(Shackley, Clines, Secord, Poindexter, etc) loved him so much(extremely easy to manipulate). He did a great deal of harm in so many ways.

Spare me the predictable childish replies about Clinton, etc.

Yeah, I agree, Steven. Those eight years felt like an eternity. The Iran-Contra scandal was a national embarrassment, to say the least. Oh, wait a minute, you said "the end of the long national nightmare." Well, I guess that’s what a Reagan hagiographer/worshipper has to say...

Looking back over these comments, Frank, it seems that you’re the one who introduced the red herring about RR’s military service. You got called on it and now you’re trying to what, wave it away with more name-calling? That lame tactic is beyond pathetic, but then again, I always did like Reagan because he seemed to tie leftists in knots, running rings around them while they ranted to each other about how stupid he supposedly was.

Frank and Ibold are just sad that the Soviet Union isn’t around anymore, and they rightly blame Reagan. Sorry, comrades!

Dietrich, why have you assumed, just because I pointed out the Right’s double standards regarding entertainers from the Hollywood elite involving themselves in politics, that I was necessarily trying to belittle his military service? And even if I were saying that Reagan’s military service was less than honorable (which I wasn’t), why would that lead you to assume that I was a Democrat, just taking a swipe for my team, like it was all some playground game? There’s plenty to critique Reagan for (that quote from Gipper, if valid, would be one good starting point I guess), but I certainly wouldn’t go after his military career. From what I know, his service was nothing remarkable, not distinguished, but definitely not dishonorable.

I must point out that when Reagan was on active duty, he was a Democrat.

And Frank, ordinarily when I have nothing against a man personally, I don’t call him a dunce and a simpleton.

I also cannot see the tremendous harm done, unless one is deeply attached to Marxism-Leninism. We ended up with a much stronger economy as well, with lower unemployment.

I do criticize the Marine Barracks reaction, but the only President since the 67 War who has been resolute about muslim terror is W. When did we punish the Khobar Towers planners again?

Argggh...this is nuts. Ed, you’re just picking up where Dietrich left off. So what if Reagan was a Dem when he was on active duty in Hollywood? His own political career was as a Republican, and he is revered as a Republican. By the time his political career got rolling he was clearly just a DINO anyway. And I’m not playing for the Democratic "team" when I simply point out the reality that the Right has blatant double standards when evaluating the Hollywood elite who migrate to politics. Republicans who do it are making a respectable transition, Dems who do it are just loathsome opportunists. How dumb.

I’ll be glad when our current "grinning fool" is finally out of office in 2009!

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