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Are the Dems Newt-ering Themselves?

News this afternoon is that Democrats have forced the Senate into a secret session, which can be done without consent or a majority vote, to complain about the lack of investigation into the origins of the Iraq war.

The Brave Sir Harry Reid (hat tip to Brave Sir Robin of Monty Python fame) probably thinks he’s emulating the confrontational style that served Newt Gingrich so well in is drive to gain a Republican majority in the House ten years ago. More likely Reid is just neutering himself in much the same way the GOP did in 1998 by overdoing the Clinton scandal. Or at least so thinks Glenn Reynolds.

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This is just a sad, desperate attempt to keep the media talking about Scooter Libby. The Democrats have no agenda and no ideas.

Reid is upholding a fine senate tradition. He is not the first member to act like a lunatic. why should any one take seriously an organization that pays attention to the likes of Teddy Kennedy, the boy swimmer?

I saw a suicide note pinned to Sir Harry’s chest, as he walked out of the senate chambers this afternoon. :)

Republicans should demand that any investigation include the names of those in the CIA responsible for intelligence failures and the names of anyone leaking to the press to shift the blame to the administration.

This is so childish.

Yeah, it’s "over the top."

Eh, it’s just payback for tapping Alito...a temper tantrum. Look at the timing. They are jerking W’s chain and saying "Remember us?"

It’s obviously merely a stunt. but, a very dangerous one, because Bill Frist’s feelings were hurt. And the timing thing -- that is very important. This occurred on the heels of the Alito niomination, which occurred on the heels of the Libby indictment, which occurred on the heels of the Miers withdrawal, which occurred on the heels of the disgruntled neo-con rebellion, which occurred on the heels of the Miers nomination, which occurred on the heels of the DeLay indictment, which occurred on the heels of Hurricane Rita, which occurred on the heels of Hurricane Katrina.

Boy, these Democrats are small! If only they REALLY cared about the -- um-- what was it? Oh, the WAR! that’s right! This has been going on so long, I almost did it to myself.

Fung’s gun has but one bullet...lame sarcasm.

Interesting, Dain. Recently, you criticized me because, you said, I was "bipolar." You accused me of being inconsistent. Now, I have just "one bullet."

You are so hard to please, and I so want you to be happy!

You proceed from a false assumption, Fung. It is possible to be lame and sarcastic in both the manic and the depressive stage. Proof? YOU. Must be hell on your, I mean your students.


Now you funny, too.

You can say that again Dain (about Fung’s gun} - and it seems that it has jammed at the most important moment!

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