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Just heard on ABC Radio news that according to a Gallup Poll, 81 percent of Americans are not paying attention/don’t care about Prince Charles and Lady Camilla’s visit to the U.S. The American republican tradition lives!


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who cares

Assuming that’s a semi-serious/sarcastic comment, the answer is: The Media. At least in Washington, where the media is giving the visit lavish coverage.

Sorry, I meant that as a shot at the monarch, not you. However, I will rephrase: "Other than some dorks in the press corp., who cares what Prince Charles thinks about anything? I sure don’t, and I don’t know anybody else who does."

Ah--you were being doubly ironic! I thought that WAS a possibility, but given the usual nastiness of comments on most of my posts I went with the other interpretation first.

Prince Chaz is a jug-eared dimwit, of course, but his bespoke suits are to die for, and I would cross tall, frosty mountains and swim storm-wracked oceans to have his collection of custom-made shirtwear and snappy ties.

Prince Charles should be told, gently, so as not to hurt his precious feelings, that this country went through a Revolution to rid itself of parasites such as himself. Americans don’t worry about, or care what he thinks about us, because he simply doesn’t matter.

Just as long as they stop at Starbuck’s for coffee...and maybe take the limo through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

They may not care abaout the Prince Charles ...but they still care about Angelina and Brad, TomCat and their Bun in the Oven and similar stupid stuff.

But people ARE paying attention to THIS.

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