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CIA’s covert action

John Hinderaker on the CIA’s war against the Bush administration: "The CIA’s war against the Bush administration is one of the great untold stories of the past three years. It is, perhaps, the agency’s most successful covert action of recent times." Also see this.

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Hinderaker is the kind of guy who you might expect would attempt to beat back the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, yelling that the body of water must have it out for the Bush administration, and the long hurricane season is proof of that fact. If you know what I mean.

He brushes aside any suggestion that (a) the CIA might be a complex bureaucratic operation with many independent actors acting out of many different motives, and (b) any attempt at leaking might be aimed not at harming the Bush administration, but at salvaging America’s moral standing in the world.

Because Hinderaker has no ability to read others’ motives sympathetically (or no desire to do so, perhaps out of a theoretical view of politics that divides people into friends and enemies), he doesn’t engage any of the interesting issues. No surprise there.

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