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Cindy Sheehan and her supporters--about 200 of them--have been demonstrating near the Bush ranch in Texas. The poor turnout is blamed on both the holiday and the bad weather (some rain). Maybe. But note that the article mentions that there were two-and-a-half-times as many people (circa 500) who turned out at the ranch to call on Bush to put pressure on the Ethiopian government to release detained opposition party leaders in that country.

Also note these photos from Sheehan’s book signing. No bad weather in the tent, I would say.

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The clock has ticked down on Ms. Sheehan’s 15 minutes of fame.

A fool hath no dialogue within himself, the first thought carrieth him without the reply of a second.
- Lord Halifax


The Michael Moore’s and George Sor(asses) have milked as much as they could from this mothers loss.
Two sorry excuses for human beings.

I was on my way to the book signing, but got side-tracked when I saw on the side of the road a greasy newspaper wrapped around a two-week old fish. I got the fish to sign it, figured that it was better, and went home.

Welcome back LT Baum! Let’s keep up the good fight as part of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. And that fish joke was a killer, lemme tell ya!

And no, LT, comment 3 was not me.

No, it was just a very immature loser with nothing better to do.

Yes, comment 3 was very immature, while the stimulus for it, LT Dain’s comment, was full of insight and sophistication. Got the fish to sign it. Greasy newspaper.

Good stuff.

It may not be a good joke. It may be big pile of dung. It probably is ... it drew flies.

It sure does express what I think of Sheehan, though.

Keep swarming, little men!

Keep swarming, little men!

Vintage Dain.

Why do you always think everybody is Dain? Isn’t it equally possible that there are at least two people in the whole world who disagree with you?

Really now, without conspiracy theories, where would Fung be?

The same place he is now. In his parents’ garage pouting about Dain.

I don’t think that everyone is Dain. I think that LT Naum is Dain. Have you ever seen them both in the same place? Don’t you notice the same snide, creepy tone of superiority that reminds you of a child impersonating a supervillain from the old Batman series? Well, I have.

Soon, all the world will know what I know. LT Naum will be exposed as Dain, and their evil will dissipate like the fog in Dain’s brain when the Thorazine wears off. then, we’’l see. Oh yes, we’ll see.......

I can’t speak for Dain, for he and I are not the same (I can’t even begin to guess what "dain" means), but it’s not a "tone of superiority." It’s actual, bona fide, superiority that you feel.

I’m not looking forward to that day when we all see what you see. I’m thinking that it will be something on the order of that weird scene in the original "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" where they’re floating down the river of chocolate and suddenly there are swirling chicken heads and the like. It is very scary to consider what swirls around in your world where heroes are villains, villains are heroes, and dogs and cats live in absolute harmony with each other. It’s obscene and unnatural.

I’m still not Dain, though.

Or am I?

Are you getting paranoid yet?

Nope. Not Dain.

For Christ’s sake, I’M DAIN! Fung, you seriously need to lay off the crank. You are getting paranoid and even more foolish than usual. And, for the record (and on my honor as a good Scout), this is my first appearance on this thread.

Boys and girls, please leave me out of it when I’m not involved. I use but one name.

Dain, what DOES your name mean? Is it your real name?


Hey, thanks for the warning, Anonymouse! We’re in serious danger of running out of blog space!

I have to come clean. I am really Dain, Fung and Chris L. I just do it because it pleasures me.

Or, more likely, comment 18 was Ohio Voter, or LT Naum, or Dain, or Fred, or maybe even the old Mark S. Lamb, posing as Phil Thompson "confessing." So boring.

Do I comment enough to be considered in this question? I don’t know if that’s an honor (have I become a partisan hack?) or not.

C’est trouis bien. Nice, i mean. Thanks!

I know, ask me. Also some interesting sites.

Poem is a strange type of literature, isnt it?

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