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Edward Teller and his courage

Michael Lennick, who is directing something on Edward Teller for TV, writes this (which includes a so-called "last" interview in 2002) on Teller for American Heritage of Invention and Technology. It’s not necessarily favorable, but both Teller’s huge ability and his love of this country comes through. I had a few words to say about him here, and this is another long interview with Teller. The father of the Hydrogen bomb once said: "If I claim credit for anything, I should not claim credit for knowledge but for courage." Teller died September 9, 2003. He was 95.

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Speaking of courage, Bush(a big hero here on NLT) is going to give another speech tomorrow explaining the war in Iraq. Imagine that -he’s still explaining the war. The mods here will undoubtedly be lavishing the usual hero worshipping gobble about resolve and steadfastness as the cheerleaders pat each other on the back and blame the "malaise" on the libruls. And then the next batch of polls will go still further down just like they’ve been doing for years. But hey, he’s fighting back!

Your damn right he’s fighting back HDT. I know your being a wiseacher with that remark but you actualy hit the nail right on the head wether knowing it or not. YOu see the great thing about President Bush is that he NEVER backs down. He makes a decision and STAYS THE course which is a far cry from how slick Willie ran things or how John Kerry would of if he won. President Bush is saying rightly that hey, we’re in this thing now and lets get her done right. You don’t walk away from something half finished especially not when it’s something as important as our Nation’s Security.

I accompanied Dr. Teller to an event in 1994. He was speaking to a group of high school students. One of the hippie looking people in the audience stood up and asked, "How do you sleep at night, knowing that your bomb killed so many people?"

A smile came upon Dr. Teller’s face as he responded, "Son, the Atomic bomb was used to end World War II. Mr. Oppenheimer invented the Atomic bomb, I invented the Hydrogen bomb, my bomb was ten times more powerful."

Once he realized and understood what Dr. Teller said, the boy looked rather stunned...


Oops, just realized I recanted the same story on the first post. Sorry, I guess I had forgotten!


"It would have been a better world without Teller."

- Isidor Isaac Rabi

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