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From Latvia to Ireland

This Washington Post story is about one Janis Neulans, a Latvian, finding work in Ireland. While it focuses on this individual, the article claims that about 450,000 workers have migrated from the former Eastern Bloc countries (since 2004) to Ireland, Britain, and Sweden, looking for work.

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When I was in Ireland over the summer, the news was full of stories about the influx of immigrants. It was seen as a problem since Ireland has such a small population and is distinctive for a particular form of culture. The concern was that the new immigrants could overwhelm the native population and ruin the allure of the nation. This is quite different from the violence many wester European countries have to be aware of, but still a very real threat to Ireland’s cultural heritage.


End of story.

had better hope it can attract Russians and other East Europeans. Much less downside than bringing in lots more Muslims, and however you slice it, Western Europe just don’t have the native population anymore. And to think they all scoffed at poor Pope Paul VI when he warned about the advent of the "contraceptive society" and its consequences.

Hey, Western Europe (nice name!) - pssst...don’t know if you know this but there are plenty of Muslims that are citizens of Russia and East European nations! And some of them even have white skin!! ...bonehead!

Also "Western Europe just don’t have the population any more..." EXCELLENT English. Are you an Ashbrook grad?

Psssssst!, Western Europe-Pt. 2, consider this......

To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves.
- Will Durant

Have a good morning.

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