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E.J. Dionne, Jr. has become a spokesman for and all the other left wing interest groups, arguing, in effect, for a filibuster of the Alito nomination until the Bush Administration comes clean on all its misdeeds concerning the Wilson-Plame affair. The nomination of Alito is, in any event, a divisive (unlike the nominations of Breyer and Ginsburg) attempt to distract us from the real issues, which involve a self-important ex-ambassador’s attempt to discredit intelligence that the British government still endorses and the alleged outing of a covert agent whose husband was doing everything possible to call attention to himself and whose current status didn’t and doesn’t meet the requirement of the law.

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Isn’t that precisely the opposite of "moving on"?

I can’t tell you what beautiful music this news plays in my ears! These people are actually going to commit suicide.

History very well may record what a noble thing Bush did, by nominating Miers, to try and forestall this pitiful, self-destructive act by Democrats. Alas, I must confess, I felt a bit like that too. Then I realized that the Miers nomination was a bit like trying to stopping the waters from running over Niagara Falls.

What a stupid idea that was, eh? Brace yourselves, conservatives, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

I’ll be interested to see if this idea catches on. I doubt it, and I hope that it does not. To link the outcomes of these two issues strikes me as inappropriate, inadvisable, and impractical.

At the same time, I hope and expect that the Democrats will oppose the Bush agenda at each independent front, with every fiber they possess.

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