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Mary Mapes

James Pinkerton points out Mary Mapes’ (the one at CBS responsible for the phony memos) fight against reality (and the New Media). This woman is in fact off the deep end, and I am not surprised that the MSM is not portraying her that way; they are much too kind to her. I have heard her being interviewed a number of times, and was struck by both how stupid she seemed, and how gently her interlocutors treated her.

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Oh yes, Peter, it’s Mary Mapes (the fact that you had to remind your readers who she is says plenty) who is "off the deep end" and in a "fight against reality." You really should let this go, don’t you think? Both Rather and Mapes are history at CBS and meanwhile, the public has concerns with much bigger fish, particularly your political idols in DC.

Actually J. Monty it seems to be Mapes that wont let it go. Despite being fired and disgraced she writes a book filled with fantasies and a fair amount of bile and fury at everyone except the perosn most responsible for her career being in tatters and her crediblity gone.

She is doing the Repubicans a big favor, in my opinion. She is reminding the American people why the media is not to be trusted. Her semicoherent verbal dance with reality is eerily reminicent of the National Democrats too. And since the media and the National dems are joned at the hip in a great many people’s minds, it also offers up a sobering reminder of the minority party and their own demons regarding the truth.

"I have heard him being interviewed a number of times, and was struck by both how stupid he seemed, and how gently his interlocutors treated him."

Excellent way of summing up how I feel about Bush, Peter!

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