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Polygamy and the French riots

According to the Employment Minister of France, polygamy is one of the causes of the riots in France. This is the whole of the AFP dispatch (via Little Green Footballs):

"Polygamy among immigrants is one cause of the rioting that has plagued France for the past two weeks, according to Gerard Larcher, the Employment Minister.

M Larcher was quoted as saying that large, polygamous families sometimes led to antisocial behaviour by youths who did not have a father figure in the home, making employers more cautious of hiring staff from ethnic minorities.

There are fears that M Larcher’s comments could further fuel the debate about the cause of the unrest and possibly outrage Muslim and anti-racism groups. Polygamy is banned in France, but an estimated 30,000 mainly African families have more than one wife.

The National Assembly yesterday approved a three-month extension to the state of emergency."

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Apparently, polygamy is now widespread in Europe. See the attached link:

By that same logic (missing dads), divorce should also be a cause of the riots.

But there isn’t a huge ethnic group rioting in Europe which contains many divorced families...

We better get some troops to start closing in on Utah, then? You never know!!

J Montgomery:

We already did that. Before Utah was admitted as a State it allowed polygamy. The federal government threatened to use force to make it abolish it, I think this occurred in the late 1860s or early 1870s. Around that time the Mormon church decided to reinterpret the text that had allowed it.

J Mont isn’t concerned with history that affects his shaky foundation. He only loves punchlines.

I’m confused. France doesn’t ALLOW polygamy, does it? Will the state allow a person to have multiple husbands or wives and grant them marriage licenses? And I know that Utah has outlawed polygamy, but it still occurs there, correct? They’re not official, state-licensed marriages; they’ve "underground" but still recognized as real and valid by the communities where it occurs, correct?

Anon - Dain, is that you?? I know that J Mont was your pet name for me... I’ve hardly seen you around lately!

Well this is hardly a suprise is it now? A whole slew of wives here on earth and then 40 virgins when they go to heaven! Yeah right! Polygamy is utterly disgusting and I would be happy to see some troops whip those sickos in Utah into shape.

No, J Mont, that was not me...I guess the name I gave you is catchy!

As for the problems in France, it is very simple -- if you persist in turning your country into a multicultural mess eventually it becomes ungovernable. History has taught this over and over. My only hope is that America wakes up before it’s too late for us.


When you say "multicultural mess" do you mean a country that attempts to maintain and perpetuate the culture of foreigners that enter the country without any civic education about its own political regime, or do you only mean people from different backgrounds?

Remember there was once this great experiment, circa 1776, E. Pluribus Unum?

Haven’t you figured it out yet, Fred? When Dain says "multicultural" he means "not white."

Do you really think he means "only white"? Hopefully that was only a rhetorical point. Anyway, to be fair to the Mormons, official Mormon dogma denounces polygamy. It is practiced by a handful secretly, but they’re the far right of the Mormon faith.

I should have said official Mormon dogma *NOW* denounces polygamy; as Mr. Sparks noted, federal troops helped them reinterpret their faith in the mid 1800’s.


The E. Pluribus Unium experiment failed. It resulted in a massive civil war. Different ideas and beliefs can sometimes be melded into a society provided they are not too disparate, but do not pretend that radically different notions of justice can exist in the same regime. Read your Aristotle and you will see what I mean. I would say that the Southern notion of justice finally died with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, although that act spawned other unjust forms of racial discrimination.

I have thought that the founding was the perfect example of Machiavelli’s advice in his Discourses on Livy. He claimed that anytime more than one founder is involved in the founding of a State, it will always result in civil war. Certainly if the North had been free to disregard the South during the founding period the civil war would not have occurred, but then it is most probable that two countries would occupy what is America.

What Wayne accuses me of is SOP for the Left. If anyone dares to make the completely logical induction from historical evidence...that polyglot nations tend to collapse in short order...they are slapped with the racist label. What’s the point of labeling someone this ugly name? The point is to cow the renegade into acceptance of cultural suicide, which the Left wants above all things.

At some point very soon those of us who care about our civilization will have to tolerate being called racists. If we don’t, we are aiding and abetting the slow destruction of our own civilization. The French are learning that civilizations can’t always assimilate everyone who comes across the border -- being ’French’ is an ethnic marker as well as a cultural identity. When will we learn that?

Dain - just a few quick questions:

You said, regarding the term racist, that "What’s the point of labeling someone this ugly name?" I think most people would agree that the term racist can be misapplied and abused, but do you think it can ever be used accurately and appropriately? For instance, is the Aryan Brotherhood a racist group? Was (to toss out an easy, extreme example) Hitler a racist?

You also said that "At some point very soon those of us who care about our civilization will have to tolerate being called racists. If we don’t, we are aiding and abetting the slow destruction of our own civilization." What do you mean, precisely, by "our civilization"? And, most importantly, would it be possible for a black person to "care about our civilization?" If a black person (or a Muslim, or a Mexican) did care about our civilization, how could they best demonstrate that - what should they be doing? Should ethnic and racial minorities that care about "our civilizatoin" brace themselves for being called racists, also? Are you calling for some sort of separation, at least between those who care and those who don’t?

Jmont, belief in Western values doesn’t necessarily take on a particular color of skin, although there is a correlation. A modest immigration flow with LOTS of pressure to assimilate and contribute would be ideal in my view, and I welcome people from all over the world who would willingly submit to that (this is, after all, OUR home). Nonetheless, we know that homophily determines in part the success of assimilation...letting in lots of people from extremely dissimilar backgrounds is asking for trouble. Just you wait and see what happens to the Somalis around the country. And, if you don’t want to wait for tht, ask the French (or the Brits, or hell, ask the Welsh!).

As for ethnic minorities who espouse our civilization’s values, they are routinely branded as racists, Toms, and slaves of "the Man." What’s new? Such people have the courage of their convictions, and I honor them.

Dain said "What’s the point of labeling someone this ugly name [racist]? The point is to cow the renegade into acceptance of cultural suicide..."

Renegade?? That’s right, ladies and germs, Dain now fancies himself to be a bold "renegade"!! And he won’t be cowed! I can see him now, driving to Wal-Mart - no doubt in his Jeep Renegade - singing along to his namesake song, "Renegade," by Styx (1978, the year Dain reluctantly accepted his first school bus-driving job) When the powerful liberals finally catch up with him and serve out their evil "justice," Dain will be a martyr for the rights of all good, fair-skinned, European-Americans - sing along now! :

(Tommy Shaw)
Oh mamma I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law
Lawman has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home
Oh mamma I can hear you crying you’re so scared and all alone
Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don’t have very
The jig is up the news is out they’ve finally found me
The renegade who had it made retrieved for a bounty
Never more to go astray
This will be the end today of the wanted man
Oh mamma I’ve been years on the lamb
And had a high price on my head
Lawman said get him dead or alive
Now it’s for sure he’ll see me dead
Dear mamma I can hear you crying
You’re so scared and all alone
Hangman is coming down from the gallows
And I don’t have very long

Other than to mock this Dain-effigy you construct, I see no point to your post. Your own words legitimate you, and undermine the political point of view you (supposedly) represent...very sad.

And, surprisingly, I very seldom shop at WalMart. I don’t agree with their business model, which is wringing out American jobs along with product costs.

Finally, noting that race & ethnicity matter for national solidarity and insisting on sensible immigration DOES make you a renegade in this society. I wish it weren’t the case.

Dain, you didn’t really address my questions. Can you at least address this one - If a black person (or a Muslim, or a Mexican) did care about our civilization, how could they best demonstrate that - what should they be doing?

(and ok, a 2nd question, although a repeat - Are you calling for some kind of separation??)

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