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SCOTUS and abortion

This Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (more resources here; scroll to the end) a case dealing with a parental notification law in New Hampshire. These articles note that Judge Alito’s confirmation could lead the Court to rehear the case if Sandra Day O’Connor would provide the decisive fifth vote for either side.

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: MAKE those awful hoes have babies they can’t care for and don’t want.

The sins of the fathers and mothers need to be visited on the innocent post-born. If the little post-born kiddies wind up whipped and starving and have their bones broken, it’s just NOT our problem. So there.

Is this what passes for reasoned discourse on the left?

Oh boy - he used the phrase "reasoned discourse"!!! How sophisticated!

Good one, tko. Nothing raises the discourse more than another snarky comment.

MAKE those awful hoes have babies they can’t care for and don’t want.

Go to and look up the word "adoption."

Mother Mayi,

How exactly does abortion solve the problem of "unwanted children"? Can you show me any tangible evidence that abuse rates have decline post-Roe? Probably not. Further, the "every child a wanted child" argument is based on two fallacies:

1. That death is better than a less-than-privileged existence. If this were so, I believe suicide rates would be substantially greater.

2. That those who are unfit to parent will have abortions. Look around. It is pretty clear that is not the case.

You can continue to justify murder based on these fallacies. Or you can face the truth: abortion has done
absolutely nothing to erode poverty or child abuse in our world.

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