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Sheehan’s book signing

Because I noted here that Cindy Sheehan’s book signing was a bust, you ought to know that she has replied , and has accused
"right wing" (this excludes the WaPo, I’m guessing) sites of doing her a disservice.

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I wish these conservative blogs would get things RIGHT for a change and at LEAST acknowledge that Ms. Sheehan sold a whopping 100 copies of her book and got writer’s cramp to boot. Sheesh - such a disservice to underestimate her effect on her world...

Her writer’s cramp is precisely why we should never buy her book - even though I know that she willingly got it. "Not One More Mother’s Hand!", I cry. We need to (not) do this for Cindy! Everyone please go out and not buy this book.

This place has become much smaller.

I think it is time to take "Ashbrook Scholar" off my resume.

This is a good website, even if you are pro-war. It lets you see what the Sheehanites are reading.

Good, it serves her right! Now hopefully she will finaly shut up and stop doing exactly what her son Kasey would not of wanted her to do! Good ridance JIhadi Sheehan!

Listen, the people at are great Americans. And here’s another thing you Ashbrook guys need to remember--when the Founding Fathers set up this nation, they knew that democracy was for whites. The Arab people, coming as they do from hot climates, are not used to the hard work that democracy requires. That’s why we need people like Saddam Hussein. Saddam may have been tough, but that’s the only thing that can keep those people in line. Cindy Sheehan and David Duke understand that, so why don’t the neocons?

The Founders thought democracy was for whites? I think you’re confusing the Founding Fathers of America with the Founders of the Confederate States of America. See Alexander Stephens, "Cornerstone Speech," found on this website.

I think he was joking.

Don’t worry, hizzoner!! Gerald Nye was just making his only joke for the millionth time. Gerald knows that liberals are the REAL racists!

Actually comment #6 is pretty similar to Montesquieu’s argument in The Spirit of the Laws. He thought environment played a huge factor in society and politics. Not sure if he was right or not, but it does not seem crazy to think that some founders thought that some areas of the world were unfit for representative democracy.

And if it wasn’t already incredibly obvious that Gerald Nye is nothing more than a very contrived character, designed to smear any and all Iraq War opponents as anti-semitic and heartless, uncaring xenophobes, the name should give it away. Gerald Nye was an isolationist Republican senator (1926-1944) who thought that Jewish-controlled Hollywood was producing anti-Hitler propaganda. In other words, all war opponents are anti-semitic (or agree with any ignorant comment tossed off by Sheehan) and secretly side with the Islamofascists and take an "America First" stance. Yeah, right.....yaaaaawn. Even Dain is more interesting than this Nye poser.

There you go again (thanks, Ronnie!)...dragging my name into something I am NOT involved in. You folks on the Left seem to have a proclivity for obsession. You need to calm down...just because I’m proof that a smart conservative can whip your a$$es without much difficulty isn’t any reason to obsess about me. No amount of Dain-bashing is going to improve your arguments or make you smarter. Now wipe the drool off your chin, Craig, and go and sin no more.

I thought I was paying you a compliment, Dain. Why are you fantasizing about me drooling?

Only a Leftist would think that "even Dain is more interesting" somehow constitutes a compliment. As for drooling, crack-minded people typically drool...posting requires concentration, and the strain of doing that means they lose control over other bodily functions. Hence the drooling...gee, try to be a little quicker on the uptake. If I have to explain every little insult to you people we won’t have time to establish how wrong you really are!

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