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Mark Steyn’s latest is both true and amusing. He notes the huge demonstrations against Zarqawi in Jordan (let’s listen to the Arab streets, shall we, and why isn’t the BBC covering this?), even though the Bad Guy apologized for having killed Muslims; he also said that King Abdullah should be decapitated. Oh, well, almost a nice guy, this Zarqawi. Steyns also mentions Murtha, Vietnam, and Europe. A good reading for the early morning.

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Steyn is definitely spot on; hoever, I do have to take issue with one minor thing regarding his comments about Murtha. You notice how Steyn refers to Viet Nam as a war we lost. I don’t blame him entirely for this misconception since the VN war is commonly thought of in those terms; HOWEVER, we did not lose that war. We abandoned the battle field while we were winning...I would accept a legitimate loss (for example, getting the sh*t kicked out of us by NVN forces) as opposed to this kind of ending. I would consider this a nit except it allowed Pol Pot to run amok and in the end, several million people died as a result of our abandonment of these people.

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