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Oil fires in England

This is the BBC (good photos throughout) coverage of the Hertfortshire oil fires, and here is the CNN coverage. Everyone is saying that there is nothing to indicate that this was anything other than an accident. Click on the photograph here to see an especially impressive satellite shot of half of England.

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Some accident... but possible nonetheless.

Since the authorities are saying absolutely nothing about the chain of events leading to the initial explosion, we just can’t know. However, barring something like a very large bomb planted in a critical spot, or something like an airplane crashing into a half-full gasoline tank, the accident scenario is more likely.

The oil companies know from painful experience just what kinds of things can lead to large explosions and fires like this. All have put into place some pretty robust procedures which, if followed will prevent the little accidents and equipment failures from degenerating into a catastrophic incident.

But people, and systems, do fail. I am hopeful that the accident investigation will be reasonably transparent, so we can know for sure just what transpired and know what to do to prevent a recurrence.

If it was NOT and accident, and the authorities are keeping information quiet just out of litigation fears, I will be more than a little upset. Hopefully, we will get some better information soon.

Just my $.02

I read an article on Skynet or BBC on Sunday that auggested it was an accident. I guess one of the truck drivers saw one of the employees of the storage area frantically trying to fix a pipe in another area of the plant, and was spraying foam on the pipe, and then the explosion occurred.

You can bet lawyers are very anxious to dig in over there. And who can blame them, or their future clients. No doubt that somebody owes someone some compensation.

The only thing that concerns me is that I live in the area of Columbus where all the fuel storage places are (westside) and it makes me nervous. Although I might be able to win my first lawsuit.

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