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Riots in Sydney

The riots in Sydney are continuing, although there is not much clarity. Here is the AP dispatch from yesterday: "Thousands of drunken white youths attacked police and people they believed were Arab immigrants at a Sydney beach on Sunday, angered by reports that youths of Lebanese descent had assaulted two lifeguards. Young men of Arab descent retaliated in several Sydney suburbs, fighting with police and smashing 40 cars with sticks and bats, police said." And this is the latest Pajamas Media report.

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Drunken white youths attacking cops and breaking store windows?? Dain, please tell us, how is this possible??? Dain....Dain....are you there, or did your head explode??

Yea, I’m here. Why do you hold me accountable for this? When have ever argued that Aussies are paragons of virtue?

Everybody seems to be making this out to be racial, redneck type confrontation. Front Page has an article which says the attack on the life guards was the last straw. Local men were fed up with Muslim gangs calling their wives and daughters names and tossing cigarette butts at them. In addition, a Pakistani man who, with his 3 brothers, had previously been convicted of the gang rape of two young girls, at his trial for raping 4 girls, ages 13 and 14, justified the rapes saying, "The rapes were justified because the girls did not cover their faces or wear head scarves." He also claimed that rapes were legitimate punishment for enforcing Social customs in the culture from which he came.

In addition, another article tells of Local girls being slashed with knives on dance floors and of a 300% increase of rapes in the past 20 years in Sweeden, 85% of which are committed by Middle Eastern immigrants. There have been so many rapes that most Swedish women are afraid to go outside after dark and some teen aged girls have designed a Chastity type belt which only they can open. The common idea among Muslim men seems to be that non Muslim women are considered whores and are asking to be raped by not wearing head scarves.

Wanna bet on how long it will be before the riots reach our shores?

This was my understanding as well. Muslims seem to have the mistaken notion that they can take their values into other peoples’ homelands and do as they will. I’m afraid some serious attitude-adjustment is in order, and if the MSM and the White-hating liberal elite don’t like it, well...TFB.

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