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U.S. plans to invade Canada. I await Howard Dean’s claims that these plans can’t succeed, not to mention John Kerry’s reminder that he’s a veteran of the War of 1812 (another unsuccessful invasion of Canada).

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And the resulting lack of material for right-wing bloggers to foment about leads to links to the article and sub-Coulter "jokes" about it.

Jamie, I think you mean "fulminate," not "foment." Maybe you should address your subliteracy before you waste more bandwidth with your silly whining.

The invasion will be easy. But it will
be impossible to give them liberty and democracy

The parallels with Iraq are striking. The Albertans are the Kurds; Anglo-Canadians are like the Shiites; and the Quebecois, who have dominated the federal Liberal Party, are kind of like the Sunni Baathists, though their chief weapon is probably second-hand smoke.

I think it’s time for some cooperative planning. Since Tim Keating, ADM, USN (yes, I knew him when he was a junior officer, hah!) is double-hatted as both COMNORTHCOM and CINCNORAD, he has an experienced combined planning cell available so that the US plans to invade Canada and the Canadian plans to invade the US can be refined, optimized, and synchronized for best outcomes on both sides. Timbo, let’s get to work.

Sorry, Dash, I did mean foment, as in to incite an uproar over something. Reading comprehension not your

As charmed as I was by the elegance of Montreal, I returned home quite pleased over our several failures to annex the northlands. I mean, would we really want the likes of a Quebecian Chirac thumbing his nose at all things American every single night durng the TV newshour?

If we annex ’em it won’t be long before some Canadian senator wants a bridge built at taxpayer expense to Baffin Island.

Canada is a pathetic excuse for a nation. I say if we want to expand our borders we should go for Cuba and the Yucatan - let’s get some beachfront.

Very funny links. Really. However since I have a visceral dislike for painting entire countries with broad strokes and therefore ignoring and disheartening good people therein, I - modestly, and with trepidation - advise conservatives to look up Leon Craig’s fairly recent call to his fellow Albertans to secede; it’s a great illustration of political analysis informed by political philosophy; and readers of First Things probably are aware of Fr. Raymond Arroyo’s reports from the front. Both authorities, though, do paint their country’s ruling Liberal elites and a majority of their fellow countrymen as supine and worse. So Lawler’s quip is correct, malheureusement.

You mean you guys haven’t updated the plan since 1930? How about updating it with a new title, "Operation Alberta Freedom"?

Paul is right. Not all Canadians are evildoers. Here’s something good about the Canadians: They’ve outlawed research ("therapeutic") cloning, we haven’t. They also rather strictly regulate IVF.

From the point of view of Southern Confederates, here’s another thing: If Alberta does decide to secede, it’s unlikely to faced armed resistance.

Re. Peter’s point about Alberta not facing armed resistence, I would add that the Canadian Armed Forces has a lot of officers from Québec. According to separatist leader Gilles Duceppe, many of them are separatists as well. Much of his claim can be dismissed as bluff and bravado, but it is worth pondering. If Alberta issues a unilateral declaration of independence, we might face a situation where a substantial part of the officer corps in the Canadian armed forces decide to protect "their" side, that is, Quebec with its own secessionist aspirations.

Looks like the Post has been watching Canadian Bacon again.

Jamie, "foment" is a transitive verb and as such takes a direct object. You "foment" something (revolution, unrest, etc.) but you don’t foment "about" something. My reading-comprehension skills are fine, which is more than I can say for your grasp of correct English usage.

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