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Cloture on Alito

72 - 25. Reuters can’t bring itself to mention the actual tally. Here and here are the most complete stories I can find.

Update: Here’s the roll call, courtesy of Southern Appeal. Democrats voting for cloture include all the "red staters" (except Reid), Lieberman, Kohl of Wisconsin, both Senators from Hawaii, Salazar of Colorado, Carper of Delaware, and Cantwell of Washington. If I’m not mistaken, Kohl is the only SJC Democrat to vote for cloture. All the Democratic members of the "Gang of 14" voted for cloture (which explains Inouye and Salazar). There’s more analysis here.

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I heard the NPR report on it as well - and never got the final tally...

It is embarrassing that we even needed a vote on cloture in the first place.

72 - 25, eh? Can we safely assume that a lot of Democrats actually wanted to "vote for it right before they voted against it"?

Seriously, though, the Bush legacy is virtually sealed with this SCOTUS confirmation (with a bunch of, um, help from folks like those here, at No Left Turns, who trounced on 1st choice: Harriet). Combined with the triumph in Afghanistan, millions of raised "purple fingers" in Iraq and a deft and optimistic handling of WOT, Bush will hardly suffering for his outrageous spending habit in the eyes of history.

Bush, at least, had the nerve to tough the vaunted "third rail of politics," social security. Sadly, it remains a looming, daunting task for another day... and another president to tackle.

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