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Gay marriage in Maryland

A judge has struck down Maryland’s ban on gay marriage. She had the good sense, however, to stay the effect of her ruling, pending an appeal.

The largest immediate impact of the decision will likely be political, as it will galvanize the Republican base and help Governor Robert Ehrlich (R) win reelection and perhaps even Michael Steele. While Republicans would like to put a constitutional amendment before the voters this fall, the Democrats who control the state legislature are unlikely to permit it.

Here’s the opinion, along with other relevant information.

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Just a coda: I’m living in Baltimore these days. Last night, one of the local television stations ran a piece during the nightly news on the decision that was not even thinly-veiled pro-same-sex marriage. The political leanings of the reporter were transparent. I’ll try to moniter the responses here in Charm City.

Ah, yes, we have a man on the scene. Please do keep us abreast of events, Paul. As a former part-time Marylander, I’m interested.

Yeah, and it doesn’t help that Hollywood’s pumping out movies like that one about the gay cowboys--I think I it’s called "Homo on the Range."

Yes fellows, let’s be sure to bond together and work as hard as we can to keep everyone safe from this terrifying problem- together we can protect America from the GAYS and their devious lifestyle!!!

That sounds like a Leno reject, Gerald.

I think "Fruity Pebbles" means "deviant" lifestyle, but if he’s being sarcastic, I see his point. Why is this such an important subject to you guys? Do you really need "a man on the scene" for something this trivial?

Good work Paul, please continue to "moniter" the situation for us!

Can’t write now.... the meaning in my marriage is slipping awayyyy..... must...blame...homos.....

#5, 7, and 8: "Moniter" was a typo. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If I knew how to correct a post, I would do so with the original one. (As it happens, I’m not particularly technologically literate or facile.)
It is true that I am against same-sex marriage. It is true that as a political scientist and a citizen I try to follow the debates and the actions - legislative and legal - that make up the politics of the matter. You have no idea why I hold the views that I do, so your barbs were discharged rather precipitously, I believe. When I lived in Massachusetts I followed ("monitored") the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s proceedings which led to the 2003 Goodridge decision - which, as you know - had a significant national impact. I followed (from another state) the Massachusetts legislature’s, and Governor Romney’s, responses to that ruling. And so on and so forth (e.g., the 2004 state referenda on the matter). I certainly do not think it is illegitimate for any interested party to this important debate to follow, and publicly opine on, the debates and goings-ons.

Easy, Mr. Seaton! Nobody was telling you that you couldn’t or shouldn’t opine on this, or that your doing so would be illegitimate. Rock on, good man.

Once again, Fung, Phil and their ilk deploy the only weapon of the left...lame, juevenile sarcasm. I would explain to them (again) why gay marriage is a bad idea, but the last time I did so some of them went off on my personal sex life (which they have no information about...but I guess Leftists opining about things they are ignorant off shouldn’t surprise me!).

I didn’t use sarcasm, Dain. I just asked why you guys get so freaked out by this issue. It’s funny to see Joe Knippenberg asking Paul Seaton to "keep us abreast of events," like the fight for gay marriage is a terrorist attack in progress. But I already know your stance on the matter, because yes, you’ve told us before. Gay marriage is the beginning of the end of society as we know, or something like that, right?

Let ’em have it, Dain!

Ignorant? Sarcastic? How can you use such terms against me, Dain? I am living a homophobes nightmare as we speak!! After the Maryland decision, my wife left me for the lesbian down the road -- my sons signed up for ballet class, and I am starting to have tingly thoughts about you! Oh, how I wish I had listened to you!

#12, why attribute reactions equivalent to being "freaked out" to a simple posting by Joe Knippenberg and my response (to a friend, Joe) that since I was in Baltimore I could watch (more easily) the progress of the same-sex marriage issue here in Baltimore and Maryland? Neither Joe nor I likened the political debate over, and judicial decisions concerning, same-sex marriage to the distinctively different issues of certain people claiming to be Muslims violently invoking Islam, and a desire to "restore" the caliphate, against fellow Muslims, Jews, and others. I honestly think that you revealed more of your worldview or view of things (including "conservatives") than you did of what was said and was expressed in the posts before you. As I said in an earlier post, I am opposed to same-sex marriage. That doesn’t necessarily entail that I am homophobic or lacking in a desire for justice or charity towards my homosexual neighbors, friends, and fellow citizens. It means that I have a particular view of the institution of marriage that excludes same-sex couples from it. I hope that you do not think that there is no reasonable line of thinking that combines the two. That, again, would say much more about your worldview or position than mine.

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