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Hamilton’s strategic sobriety

Another paean to Alexander Hamilton from Mac Owens. Mac is trying to take advantage of the January 11th birthday. That’s fine. Keep them coming Mac. I’ve been working on Andrew Jackson, and am, therefore, often inclined to dislike Jefferson. And when I do, I turn toward Hamilton.

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Mr. Schramm,
I would agree that during times on war, some actions are allowed that would often not be. My question is: when does war end? In our day and age it seems as that this "war" we are in will never end. If so, does this mean the executive power will always have extraconstitutional power? That seems bad to me.

Mr Schramm, perhaps you need to take a visit to the Jefferson Memorial. I happened to visit the memorial the evening of December 29th. It’s a beautiful and elegant structure, and I think he very much would have approved. But I wish to draw your attention to what is written in stark lettering inside the dome. "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

I too find myself disagreeing with Jefferson on many issues, that never means I ever rise towards disliking the man himself. Jefferson loved this country, dearly, when alive, and loves her more now, in the hereafter, and be assured, he watches over her ways, is anxious over her fate, and prays for the success of this most wonderous experiment in ordered liberty.

Anyone worth liking is worth disliking and vice versa.

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