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MSNBC Beyond Dreadful

Someone joked a while ago that if Osama bin Laden hid out at MSNBC he’d never be found, because nobody ever looks there. This morning I made the dreadful error, while channel surfing the news channels, of catching the last few minutes of MSBNC’s newest offering, "Weekend with Maury and Connie," as in the husband-and-wife team of Maury Povich and Connie Chung.

It was beyond pathetic. I caught a closing segment called "Quick Hits," which I figured out was supposed to be funny. But even the most rabid liberal would have found their attempts at topical humor to be groan-inducing. (It is not worth the bandwidth to pass along an example.) Their quips, to borrow the old critic’s phrase, "wouldn’t make a sub-moron’s mouth twitch." Look for this show to have a very-short life on MSNBC. Paid infomercials would be more watchable.

It is hard to believe that Chung was once Dan Rather’s co-anchor at CBS News. On second thought, not it’s not.

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MSN isn’t much better as shown by the lack of depth in this article;
News: Fact or Fiction?
by Tamim Ansary. The MSM is still missing the point on blogging by stating that they are NOT journalists and have NO checks and balances (hahaha) as stated in the article. The article also skirts the real reason behind false "professional" news, which in my opinion is a combination of gross partisan politics and laziness.

P.s. Thanks again for the mug.

I couldn’t even stand to watch 2 minutes of it. If you can’t take Connie Chung seriously, that’s one thing - but we’re supposed to take Maury Povich seriously???

Eh, be careful, you’ll start a cult-thing. It sounds so bad it makes me want to tune in just to confirm how bad it is...beware of advertising it via criticism. Such things should be allowed to die, wringling, in the dark.

I have found the best way to watch MSNBC is to switch over from Fox News to Chris Mathews or what’s-his-name after Mathews to see if you can pick up the anti-Bush take in the first sentence you hear and then switch back. You would be amazed at how nearly inevitable it is this will happen, unless they happen to be in a commercial. Try it, it’s fun.

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