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To my delight, I recently discovered that I can listen to books on my iPod while I walk with my dog. I then discovered that I can listen to lectures, talks, news programs, and other such stuff. Well, because there are so many benefits and uses to which Podcasts can be put, we decided to do it. The Ashbrook Center’s podcasting takes three forms. First, there is my weekly You Americans podcast. I will have a short conversation with someone interesting at least once a week. Conversations with Robert Alt and Bill Kristol are now up. Second, we are making available Ashbrook Events, lectures and seminars, in podcast form. We will add new ones each week. Talks by Karl Rove and Steve Hayward are now up. Third, we also have the Teaching American History Podcast in which we make available seminars conducted with high school teachers. Ones by James McPherson and David Hackett Fischer are now up. One of the great benefits of all this is that unlike with streaming audio, you can burn these talks onto a CD, and, you can play it on your MP3 player as you swagger down the street with your handsome lab. If you get it, you can access all three poscasts here. And if you don’t know what podcasts are, go here first.

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Darn you, Schramm!!! Now I have to buy an MP3 player.

I’m with you Joe.

Schramm, (or anyone else) any recommendations?

Oh, and my Weimeraner is much better looking than your lab.

My dog--a shepherd, lab, and chow mix--is also quite handsome, though I can’t imagine him letting me enjoy a podcast as he walked me.

Ok, Dr. Schramm, President Bush told us what music he had on his iPod (He had Don McLean’s "American Pie" among others, but I wonder if he had any Ashbrook podcastson there??) - what about yours?


Don’t mess around with imitations, get an ipod. And I do not know about Dr Schramm, but wm splits his ipod time between Bach and the Ramones.


Dr. Schramm rides a Harley. I’m betting he listens to Steppenwolf.

My iPod is very cool. Love it. Get the new 60 GB, with video. But Roger knows more than I do, ask him. But I’m betting he’ll say stay with iPod for an MP3. What is Steppenwolf? Must be related to Iron Butterfly. I stopped listening to such things in 1968-69. Eric Clapton unplugged is great. And then Mississippi John Hurt, James King, and Dave Evans. Don’t mind a little Mozart from time to time, nur ein bischen. But listening to a good actor read Mark Twain is the best (after Shakespeare).

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