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The hockey mom’s and Canada

John von Heyking reflects on the elections in Canada. While it is not a regime change, it means this:

"Canadians can expect changes in the ways government is held accountable and minor changes in taxes and healthcare, but no changes to social policy including same-sex marriage and abortion. With the Bloc, the Conservatives will try to decentralize some powers to the provinces. Positive changes will occur in foreign and defense policy, as the Conservatives will attempt to repair Canada-US relations and to start the process of returning the once world-class Canadian military to international prominence."

John’s essay is the most clear and most comprehensive article on the meaning of the election avaliable. Please read all of it.   

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Peter, I hope it wasn’t Shakespeare who led you to using apostrophes in plural nouns.

Canada once had a world class military?...I figure they are still quite a bit stronger than the average nation in the UN...but world class?

As Mackubin Owens observes elsewhere on the Ashbrook website, it’s skill differential, not technology and equipment, that’s the decisive difference in combat. Various Canadian governments have gutted their military since WW2, and especially so since 1993. However, while that’s led to a ballooning of the military bureaucracy and officer corps to a certain extent, that hasn’t affected the professionalism of the soldiers and most of the officers. As Austin Bay argues, 30 years ago Canada arguably had the best brigades in NATO.Austin BayOwens

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