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The lies and the bombast

Jonah Goldberg nails down the meaning of the Alito hearings, what they reveal about what the Court has become, and what Liberals have become in less than 700 words. Read it. 

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The Democrats on Judiciary not only regard conservatives as second-class citizens, with fewer rights than the rest of us, but also as a lower form of life.

This is evident in the sorts of questions they ask, and in the way they ask them. Their hatred is almost continuously evident in these disgraceful hearings. It is a shame that the Judge isn’t allowed to give as good as he gets. One of these days, some nominee will have to, in order to begin a SERIOUS confrontation with these proponents of judicial tyranny.

The Judiciary Democrats are probably delighted that Alito’s wife was in tears, because it increases the chance that the Judge -- who is not the picture of Roberts-like cool -- will crack. We had better hope that he doesn’t.

This is the way the Judiciary Democrats, and the dominant strain in the entire party, thinks, feels and operates.

It’s not Charlie the Tuna out there. It’s Jaws.

I did like this line - "Alito, like all nominees, should be more forthcoming about his views." Agreed!

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