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While attending the Sundance Film Festival yesterday, Al Gore accused Canadian Prime Minister-elect Stephen Harper of being "an ultra-conservative" who won the election because the oil industry "poured a lot of money and support behind" Harper. This despite the fact that Canadian law prevents corporations from donating more than $1000 per year to a political party and holds individuals to $5000 per year. Furthermore, Gore asserts that the issue of the oil companies’ influence didn’t get much press during the election because "media concentration has taken a toll on democratic principles around the world, and Canada is no exception."

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I find it interesting that Al Gore has harsher words for Canada and its election than the Palestinian election.

Or maybe I missed that speech.

Al Gore is very smart and in touch with the main stream of America. If only you were as smort as him you would not be writing things like this.

If we were as "smort" as Al Gore, per Ms. (Professor?) Gibson’s suggestion ... I shudder to think where America would be today.

Gore’s comments are another example of the left’s contempt for fundamental boundaries of political behavior that nearly everyone else takes for granted. Since when has a major Republican leader made such grotesque comments about an election result in a large democracy that has a (more or less) friendly relationship with the U.S. Has Gore no sense of responsibility at all? I think not.

I think Ms. Gibson was being sarcastic.

Point taken.

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