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Betty Friedan RIP

Is there irony in the fact that the passing of Betty Friedan did not get as much attention this week as the passing of Coretta Scott King? Maggie Gallagher takes note of it in this article. She gives us a respectful but fair rememberance of Friedan and her legacy. Gallagher wonders whether we can finally recognize that: "The problem that feminism has never yet named is that women want to have children, and children compete with our ability to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into market production. Our children, by turning us into mothers, make us vulnerable, economically and emotionally." Can feminism or anything else ever change that?

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I am not so sure if Betty never wanted to marry or have kids. Betty Friedan was not a very aggressive anti-children person. Much more radical feminsts came after her and many of them had kids as well.

It is unfortunate that Friedan’s death did not generate more media attention. It surely must be the liberal media bias.

Julie, can you prove that Mrs. King was NOT a feminist? She went to Antioch College after all! How many anti-feminists ever graduated from there?

Is Betty Friedan the nice lady who said Phyllis Schlafly should be burned at the stake? Or was that someone else in the NOW sisterhood?

I think it was very fitting that Friedan’s death was overshadowed by King’s. At the end, she got out-PC’ed.

Friedan’s problem was that she got "outed" as a sexist, bigoted, homophobic neanderthal by the true "feminists" who came after her. Friedan, like so many of her generation, merely questioned the routine of mass baby-making that consumed post-WWII America: Pity poor mother when Father Knows Best! was Friedan’s clarion call.

True feminists came after Friedan... demanding Father’s head on a platter, before they performed an erotic dance for little Billy Clinton.

For more about how these feminist things work, read Luke’s account of the life of Jesus. Or, anything written by UofM professor, Catharine MacKinnon.

"All sex is rape." Friedan probably puked at the thought of such post-sixities feminist absurdity. Billy Clinton, once he got his dance, kinda liked the idea. :)

According to Germaine Greer, Friedan must be having a snit from the grave in response to being upstaged in death.Greer

Betty Friedan had 3 children. She was not against motherhood. Maybe she was not a perfect mother, but aren’t we all imperfect in some way or another?
I think she was a great lady.

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