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Could the 60s Be Coming to an End at Last?

Well, probably not, but during the Super Bowl halftime last night I let my seven-year-old watch the Rolling Stones in all their decrepitude, and she said: "I don’t like these guys very much." Hope for the future.

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Amazingly enough, my 16 year old daughter had an IM message left on the computer from a friend at school at the halftime...

" I don’t know who this guy is, but boy is he ugly...."

i’m not sure what to add.

Did you watch the Ameriprise Financial’s boomerdolatry advertisements during the game? (shudder) The sixties will not be over until the-most-self-congratulatory-with-the-
least-to-congratulate-itself-about generation has cashed its last entitlement check. At least the Stones redeem themselves with Exile on Mainstreet.

I still like the Rolling Stones but the half time show was horrible.

It is not a disgrace to retire quietly after a long and prosperous career. It is quite another thing to show that you no longer have it to the millions of viewers of the Superbowl.

First time I have ever hit the "Mute" button during a Super Bowl halftime performance. U2 reigns all the more as the greatest rock-n-roll band ever.

Listen, I do like the Stones. But a 60 some year man singing I can’t get no satisfaction only makes sense in the context of a Viagra commercial.

60 some year-old man...

Despite Mick Jagger being the ugliest man in the history of the earth (some have contended that Steve Tyler actually holds that position), it never made sense for him to be singing that song...

Obviously, your seven year old daughter already possesses the ability to identify a total, utter lack of talent.

I wish that I had one half of what Mick Jagger has right now (libido, money, success, energy, abs, and I am still holding on to my 40’s.

Speaking of half-time shows, I was glad that the self-righteous among us replaced that terrible Janet Jackson moment from last year with the commercial with the breaking bra strap and the geezer with the oxygen tank. That was much more appropriate for my kids to see.

Oh puleeez. The godaddy spoof of the wardrobe malfunction is about as tired and old as the halftime show was.

But there is a difference.

Janet was looking rather lame.

WHEREAS that brunette was on fire.

That’s a salient distinction. Don’t ya think?

I thought the whole Super Bowl was a bust, from ads to half-time show to the boring game itself.

That said, I never get tired of that riff in "Satisfaction," even if the Stones are way over the hill.

The caveman add was pretty good, where he kicks the little dinosaur....?

Janet Jackson was lame? This blog is one tough room! Mick Jagger has no talent, and Janet Jackson is lame? What are your norms?

Nevertheless, it was the most watched Super Bowl since 1995--which, not coincidentally, was the last Super Bowl the Steelers were in.

Superbowl halftime shows are tough gigs, and the Stones haven’t been truly great since about 1972. But for all the focus Jagger’s prancing, I was most impressed with Charlie Watts. The guy is out there, at the age of 65, pounding away on those drums, and he beat throat cancer a couple of years ago. God bless ’im.

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