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As with many of David Horowitz’s projects, I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, those who politicize their classrooms, or who think that everything is political, should neither be surprised nor indignant if there is a political response. On the other hand, I’m no more eager to see higher education politicized from the right than from the left. At the moment, I can’t improve upon these thoughts, but I will reserve judgment on Horowitz’s new book until I’ve actually read it.

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What did Lincoln say? "I cannot spare this man -- he fights."

The attempted "politicization from the right" is a drop in the bucket compared with the actual politicization from the left.

Polite dialogue seems not to work. While I wouldn’t necessarily endorse everything Mr. Horowitz has done or advocated, I certainly think it’s time to push the envelope.

He’s not politicizing it from the right, he is desperately trying to introduce a corrective to the level of Leftist control of academia. How is the situation in higher education going to improve, ESPECIALLY in our better colleges, in the Ivy League, IN THE ABSENCE of a robust counterattack. The Left has a death grip around the throat of education, from toddlers through post-graduate work, and sitting around and simply lamenting that fact, without actually doing something about it, isn’t going to achieve spit. The time for simply making long faces, over a cocktail, are, and must be, over. We need to start pressuring these academic creeps. Start hauling them up before Congressional hearings, and look to embarass them, humilate them, and then haul up their administrators, those that granted them tenure, and ask them "what the hell they were thinking." We need to start making our control of Congress FELT amongst the Left.

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