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Death Row Drama

This story about convicted killer, Michael Morales, and the failed attempts by California to have him put to death is yet another example of an out-of-control judiciary. An appeal filed by Morales claimed that he might suffer pain as a result of the lethal injection procedure that California uses to inflict the death penalty. The judge ordered that Morales should receive anesthesia and be ruled unconscious before the lethal cocktail could be delivered. But the anesthesiologist refused to go through with the procedure. That delayed the execution by a day and Morales was then to be given a lethal dose of barbituate which would take longer to kill him but would assure that he was unconscious before he began to die. But no medical personnel could be recruited to confirm his state of unconsciousness and so Morales is still sucking air. I’m not sure I blame the medical personnel. Even if they suppport the execution, why should their participation in it be compulsory? It is something of a stretch to claim that this is what is required by the no "cruel and unusual punishment" clause of the constitution. I fail to see how one man’s protection from cruel and unusual punishment compels a third man to participate in that punishment. I also fail to see how "feeling pain" in death constitutes something cruel and unusual when the convicted killer is guilty of a heinous crime during which the victim endured untold pain. While I agree that we should take all reasonable steps to keep executions humane--the precise and procedural measure of that should be legislative rather than judicial.

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This is an excellent example of how the liberals never take "no" for an answer. They will use every possible avenue that might be open to them, without regard for common sense. Sooner or later, someone will let them have their way, like a screaming two-year-old.

It is also an example of why Republican presidents and governors should never, ever appoint a liberal (or indeed, a non-conservative) judge.

enough!Had it!

Why not just build a platform with 13 steps a trapdoor and a rope and be done with it? Did Morales victims die in peace? Hardly.

Is hanging barbaric? Possibly. Do anything; have him take a seat in "Old Sparky"; tape a target on his chest; drop a couple of pellets into a bucket of acid. The state must do something for Morales to pay for his barbarity.

To repeat...Did Morales victims die in peace?

Executions are too humane already.

A thought on the Eighth Amendment. It forbids "cruel and unusual punishments." The standard the liberals are trying to impose is one that would define all forms of execution as "cruel." By that logic, all imprisonment, with the possible exception of a minimum security country-club arrangement, is also cruel and unusual. And thus violates the Constitution.

Don’t be surprised if some of these lunatics actually try to go there.

And never, ever appoint a non-conservative judge. Are you listening, Governor Arnold?

If you have insane penalties like death penalty that you will obviously have insane measures being taken to evade.

Executions, too humane? That’s disgusting!

I am also disappointed with Julie Ponzi for her pro-death penalty stance. It’s sad. Did it ever occur to you, Julie, that people may be afarid of pain and death? Even bad people.

Death Row inmates afraid of death and pain? what?

Maybe they should have thought of it before butchering others.

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