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Dome blast

Was it a desperate attempt by al Qaeda to provoke a civil war or perhaps the prelude to a (more overt) Iranian intervention? I’m leaning toward the former, though not as sanguine that Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis won’t take the bait.

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It’s the Iranian Mullahs.

What you term the "bait" is going to be put before the Shiites and the Sunnis for years. So even if they don’t take it this time, there will be other opportunities for them to take that bloody path, which leads to Lebanon, circa mid ’70s.

Cui Bono? Who benefits? Iran. The Mullahs are playing both sides. They support Zarqawi and his associates, who are Palestinians and Sunnis, who attack Shiites. Simultaneously, the mullahs are penetrating the Shiite south, funding radicals, providing training, establishing cadres, and all the while waiting, for the bloodshed that will arise as a wounded response to endless Sunni provocation. Clever. Clever indeed. Cold blooded too.

And there is a response to be made to the plans of the mullahs, to the combinations they’ve devised.

But it will take boldness, courage, vision, articulation of that vision, nerve, more nerve.

For Starters............

why not the elimination of Ayatollah wannabe Ali Moqtada al Sadr. Eliminating this Iranian backed cockroach would greatly help the Iraqi people. Oh yeah, his "unintended departure" would produce the usual pitch a fit running amuck street demo that usually happens when one of these cretins assumes room temperature. But after a few weeks people would probably say "Who’s Sadr?".

Off topic, but a recomended read.....

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