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Homeschooling to the nth degree

Mark Oppenheimer considers a radical alternative to the high cost of higher education. While he’s onto something about the essence of education at any level, and about how matters peripheral to it are driving costs upward, there are more problems with his not-altogether-unserious suggestion than I have time to mention.

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I had thought about this for grades 1-6.

At $10,000 per student and 15 students that is $150,000. Rent a 3 bedroom house and have 3 classrooms for $1000 per month (where I live) is $12,000 per year. Utilities $200 per month. Total income is $450,000. Total expenses $14,400. Pay each teacher $100,000 per year to get very good, highly motivated teachers. You have $135,600 to pay for any extra you might think of. PC lab with 15 PCs, $20,000? Field trips? Free lunch? Refund money to taxpayers?

Almost all schools would be in walking distance of students. If populations change then rent a house closer to where students are.

rental on a 3 bedroom house - $12,000

Utilities - $2,400

15 PC’s, internet connection, and software - $10,000

Dedicated instructor $100,000

Destroying the NEA and the AFT - PRICELESS

Higher education is not one of America’s greatest market failures.

There is nothing to stop people from carrying out that plan, except for the fact that no one would recognize such a degree. Provided one is not worried about "the paper diploma" then why not? Who is to say that people aren’t doing this?

No matter what the post-modern Marxist tutor tells you a majority of people aren’t wealthy enough to forgo the "paper" and the attending "job".

Ron - I have taught both in the classroom and my own six children at home and I would teach in your house school in a heartbeat. I would prefer grades 5 and up, but could teach most subjects (not math, physics or chemistry, please) and run the house at the salary you offer, saving you lots of money.

My home school graduates succeeded in the college marketplace on the basis of their standardized test scores and through charmingly intelligent interviews. Actually, that would be their strength in applying for jobs as well.

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