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Mohammed cartoons published last October, in Egypt

Pajamas Media reports that the offensive Mohammed cartoons were actually published in Egypt last October, during Ramadan. He has the scans top prove it. Very interesting.

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Not really that interesting.

We know that there are other agendas at work, and at play in the shadows of this entire drama.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist, or some journalistic sleuth to figure that one out.

When are we going to figure out that we are at war with a resurgent Islam? Their religion tells them they should be on top, and for a very long time they were. This ego-scar of theirs explains the hyper-sensitivity, the double-standards, and the brutality we experience at their hands. No, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, just people courageous enough to face the truth.


I think Western Europe is begining to understand this. The last few years were eye openers. English muslims bombing English targets, the riots in France, troubles in Holland, now Denmark. If Europe does not react then they probably deserve what is coming.

I was reading the posts on the linked blogsite and saw that the Danish newspaper printed the cartoons in September of 2005.

The date is still interesting though because of the size and influence of Egypt on Islamic and Middle Eastern movements. Regardless of who printed the cartoons first, a reprinting would still constitute the offense of publishing Muhammed’s image according to Islam, and there was (seemingly) no outcry in Egypt when they were published/republished there.

There’s an interesting link an 1/8 of the way down the page that follows and documents the outcry’s spread over time (from September of 2005). Apparently the world is either still small enough to have information move slowly, or agitation goes a long way (or both).

I think Dan M. is on the right track: there was no outcry when they were first published because the imams hadn’t gotten together and decided the Muslim world should give an outcry. "We know that there are other agendas at work, and at play in the shadows of this entire drama."

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