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While I think that Harvard as a whole is probably ungovernable, the folks at Inside Higher Ed are soliticing suggestions. I noticed that there wasn’t a conservative on the list, so, without further ado, I’ll throw my two cents’ in, and invite you, gentle (and ungentle) readers, to do likewise.

My old friend John Walters has lots of administrative experience and could certainly help Harvard address underage drinking and substance abuse problems.

Bill Kristol is a Harvard man; unfortunately, his experience in the White House probably doesn’t adequately prepare him for the Machiavellian nastiness of faculty politics.

Paul Wolfowitz has recently learned a thing or two about handling money, which would make him an exceptional steward of Harvard’s endowment.

Zell Miller knows a good bit about living in an institution with people who can’t stand him.

Your turn.

Update: It occurred to me that I wasn’t thinking inside the box enough, so here are my "diversity" candidates (taking diversity in the standard academic sense).

Condoleezza Rice is a natural, with all sorts of higher ed experience, but she may be unavailable after 2008.

John Yoo is a Harvard alumnus who has given more thought to the outer bounds of executive authority than just about anyone else.

Christina Hoff Sommers could perhaps help Harvard make certain that women are not overrepresented in the undergraduate population, as is the case at so many other elite institutions. Her problem? Look at the last name.

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Honestly, who cares?

The beast is on the death bed with terminal liberalitis. R.I.P.

Oh, yeah, somebody will need to sign the death certificate. I nominate Cornel West. :)

Yes, Bill Kristol couldn’t bring freedom and democracy to Harvard.

We’re interviewing for a president for her at Berry. Based on that and other recent experience, I would have reached the regrettable conclusion that 98.9% of people in higher ed administration are vain and stupid platitude-driven herd animals.

... but extremely well compensated vain and stupid platitude driven herd animals, with housing, car, and benefits as part of a competitive package....

How about John Bolton. I believe he has just a recess appointment at the UN and will need another job soon.

And Bolton attended Yale.

Actually, my limited exposure to these "herd animals" is that they are very bright, but mercenary. They understand which way the wind blows (to the Left on most campuses), and they are fond of their cushy jobs. So, a bit of diversity window-dressing, a few platitudes, a few moderates/conservatives ’outed’ or fired, and poof! Bob’s your uncle! You’re making 6 figures, driving a nice Volvo, living in a remodeled Victorian, and eating cheese and sipping wine at the college get-together every other Friday night. And all you have to do is sell out problem.

James D. Miller is campaigning for the post over at TCS. I think you’d like his proposed agenda.

Two votes for civilization reborn at this important American institution: Victor Davis Hanson. OR the most eloquent of Americans, Alan Keyes.

Perhaps now is the time to try a variant of William F. Buckley’s proposal and just choose someone at random from the Boston phone book. Or how about WFB himself.

I hope that VDH would not be chosen because I like him and would not like to see him burned at the stake.

After 9/11, Zell went down to the well of the Senate and said "the victims should be in our prayers, the perps in our bombsights."

Doesn’t sound very touchy feely to me, I don’t think he would be popular in the faculty lounge.

The Right Honorable Richard Cheney: what deconstructionist, Castro-worshipping sociology profs would step out of line once they observed President Cheney carrying his shotgun case to meetings?

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