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My friend and AEI colleague Michael Ledeen is calling the Dubai port deal the foreign policy equivalent of the Harriet Miers nomination. On the other hand, there have been several hints throughout the day today that perhaps we got something in return from Dubai that President Bush can’t tell us about, or that perhaps the port deal is a reward for some untellable good deeds.

Then, there is this from John McCain, who ordinarily doesn’t miss an opportunity to distance himself from Bush:

“We all need to take a moment and not rush to judgment on this matter without knowing all the facts. The President’s leadership has earned our trust in the war on terror, and surely his administration deserves the presumption that they would not sell our security short. Dubai has cooperated with us in the war and deserves to be treated respectfully. By all means, let’s do due diligence, get briefings, seek answers to all relevant questions and assurances that defense officials and the intelligence community were involved in the examination and approval of this transaction. In other words, let’s make a judgment when we possess all the pertinent facts. Until then, all we can offer is heat and little light to the discussion.”

Hmmm. Better watch this calmly over the next few weeks.

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Interesting example of Democratic party hypocracy. Odd, that less than 2 weeks ago; former Veep and current political has-been Al Gore was in downtown Araby moaning and pleading for forgiveness on how the USA horrribly treated Arabs and Muslims just after 9/11. Now the current administration is being criticised by these same hypocrites that Arabs are not to be trusted with our port security.They, the U.A.E., have no say so in security; we do.

Oh, by the way, did I miss it? Were any prominent Dhimmicrats critical of Al Gore’s comments in beautiful Araby? Uh........
....I don’t recall any. But mebbe I wuz wrong.

Bush is hunkering down...too bad. He sure has been tone-deaf lately. This whole notion that we are not at war with radical Islam, but rather with "terrorism," is just insane. I never thought that being PC would be a problem for "W", but it sure looks like it is.

Can anyone out there imagine what will happen if one of these ports is used to obliterate half a major port city? It will be the GOP’s latest "Herbert Hoover" moment.

Jesse - can’t blame this one on the Dems. It is one thing to treat people that are different from you with respect and turning over homeland security to a nation that hasn’t exactly had the best track record in their positions regarding State sponsored terrorism and Al Queda.

Bush is dropping the ball here.

Even if this is a reward to some Gulf sheik who has been helpful to us, it is a sign of American weakness. And the security questions are the same either way, are they not?

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