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There are two articles appearing today on the prospect that Al Gore may be emulating Nixon in the 1960s and positioning himself to run to Hillary’s left in 2008: ,this one from Roger Stone, and this one from Dick Morris.

Sounds plausible to me. Having seen Gore up close and personal back in early January, all the reports of Gore being "more comfortable in his own skin" (at long last) ring true.

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We can always hope. What a gift to the Republicans to have those two duke it out in the primaries. We will be able to see the llony left in full dudgeon.

A plethora of riches, Hillary, Kerry and Gore.

I’m beginning to wonder if Hillary is going to get the nomination. Her one strong advantage is a sense of inevitibility attending her quest for the nomination. But if that begins to erode, even begins to fray, her entire campaign would unravel. Look at Biden jumping in on the race. Why is Biden emerging if Hillary were sure to get the nomination. Gore seems to be making more noises, not less. Kerry is probably going to campaign in every Presidential cycle until the day he dies. That guy really does think he is entitled to the Presidency.

If Hillery were to win the nomination, she might get half of the democrat vote in the general election. Emir al Gore wouldn’t get more than a third of the dem vote. Neither would get more than one or two Republican votes. The next President of the United States, most likely a sitting or former gov’nuh, will be decided in the Republican primaries. To quote the immortal Pete Rose "Wanna bet?"

The end of the world-as-we-know-it:
If Gore wins,he won’t have time to keep the Internet running!

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