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Sam Brownback, theocrat?

So says this hit-piece in Rolling Stone. Small prayer and support groups are revolutionary cells. Meetings where representatives from like-minded interest groups communicate and coordinate activities are somehow sinister and conspiratorial. A passage from the New Testament (Matthew 7:16) is turned into an anti-gay slur. And a theologically sound understanding of how a Christian is answerable ultimately to God is said to be anti-Democratic, an insinuation that predictably sets off the irritable Andrew Sullivan, who is rebuked by Richard John Neuhaus.

The, er, "secret" document to which the author refers can be found here, and an earlier article making much the same argument now applied to Brownback can be found here. One wonders whether Brownback and his press people did their homework.

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Wow...this is really bad. This is worse than Anne Norton’s hatchet job on the Straussians...

Out of curiosity, I wonder when it became acceptable fact that Opus Dei is an evil, secretive sinister society. I’m not Catholic, but I’ve been to some of their meetings and it’s not that much different than a Protestant small group meeting. Except of course that they say the hail Mary.

Opus Dei became the target of abuse because uninformed people started to view Dan Brown as some source of credible information.

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