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Soon to Be a Michael Moore Feature Film?

This book rates a triple "Heh" on the Instapundit Heh-Meter. (Hat tip: RedState.)

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I thought this was a joke. What are Daddy’s views? Or are those, like so much else, irrelevant?

Pretty sad.

Is that the sequel to Heather Has Two Mommies?

For what it is worth, this even creeps me out!

I like that his cat is a lifelong Democrat (see here).

While this is all quite frightening, I would like to point your attention to this as well . . .

Both freak me out. But both are interesting examples of free expression . . .

Objectivists will answer with, "Your mommy is a parasite." :)

Heh! That is funny. I can’t stop chuckling. Maybe they can use href="">this
for Why Daddy Is A Democrat.


Okay, I botched that one.

Here is the link:


I desperately want to believe this is a spoof, but it’s all too possible it is actually meant to be taken seriously.

Anyway, if any top of the line publisher wants me to, I will gladly write a companion to this titled "Why Daddy is a Republican," with such pages as "Republicans Get You the Best Toys of All, Just Like Daddy Does"; "Republicans Let You Ride Without a Helmet, Just Like Daddy Does"; and "Republicans Keep Girls Out of Your Clubhouse, Just Like Daddy Does."

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