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Matt Spalding is here today for a Colloquium on his new book (Meese and Forte also had something to do with it), The Heritage Guide to the Constitution. You can listen to him when we put the talk out as a podcast early next week, or you can wait until C-SPAN runs it. It will be good fun. Welcome to Spring in Ohio, Matt, it’s been snowing for hours! No matter. Nature will rule in the end, the sun will shine, and I will ride. I bought this lovely machine, this comfort to my age, out of Kentucky, a state I am partial to. I will pick the growling beast up in about two weeks, snow or not. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

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I love the new bike!!! Sorry to hear that it is snowy. Atleast you don’t have to pick Dr. Spalding up from the airport on the motorcycle. Have a great day!

That’s quite a ride, Peter. Remember to wear a’s the law!

Well, if you ever come to PA, they removed the helmet law here...

Now I will come!!


I’m pretty sure Ohio does not have a mandatory helmet law unless something changed in the last three-four years. People with a temp motorcycle license are required to wear a helmet, as are people who have had their motorcycle license a year or less. After that one is free to do what one wishes. I am unsure why anyone would not want to wear a helmet though. Hitting rocks and bugs with your face at 70 mph is painful.

Well, last I heard it was the law. And if you don’t understand why riding with a helmet is lame, you just haven’t done much biking. Scraping the June bugs out of your teeth is a part of the experience, man!

Dain: I agree.

Helmets are for sissies! :)

Bunch o’ sissies and their helmets. At least us tough guys know that getting your face torn off by the pavement is all part of the experience.

Nice ride, Peter. How many cans of Manwich did that set you back? Say...that’s not a fully NAKED bike is it? Are you going to take that windscreen off? I would hope so...

Happiness is touring on a bagger!

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