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If you’re a high-profile Hispanic academic, it’s hard to have friends in high places.

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Ah yes, some of that "tolerance" the left is always claiming credit for.

Our Professor Fung could explain all of this.

The explanation is: Professor Olivas is an authoritarian with fascist tendencies who deserves no compassion because he has none.


You may laugh at this, but on the face of it, I would call this not authoritarianism but Social Dominance Orientation (SDO) which comes from the work of Sidanius and Pratto in the early 1990’s.

I also would distance myself from the behaviors that are described here, and I do NOT defend it.

Authoritarianism is described as a single factor with three consitutuents: (1) tendency to submit to authorities who are perceived to be legitimate (2) tendency to adhere to, and value tradition, and traditional ways, and (3) tendency to aggress against victims identified as targets by the authorities.

What I think I see described here (and this is analysis from a great distance!) is instead Social Dominance Orientation, which is a view of the world as a zero-sum place, where the rule of dog-eat-dog pervades, and where society is hierarchical and "we" should be at the top of the hierarchy at all costs.

People who are high in SDO (and these are more likely to be the hypocritical lefties that you guys like to call Left-Wing Authoritarians) will engage in rivalry (as opposed to competition) in order to attain or maintain top status. They will also turn on "one of theirs" who attains top status and fails to bring "us" along.

Earlier, there was a post about a Republican African American politician in Maryland (???) who was getting "Uncle Tom"ed for similar reasons.

For what it is worth, I do find this kind of behavior regrettable, and I also find it on the Left, as well as on the Right. But, it is not likely to be accurately understood as Left Wing Authoritarianism.

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