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Ave Maria Town again

I’m not a Catholic, but I don’t regard Catholics as boring. Indeed, I would argue that the more backtracking in which the developers engage, the less distinctive and hence less interesting Ave Maria Town will be.

More here.

Hat tip: Mike DeBow.

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The Christian temptation to escape from the real world is a powerful one.
While the would-be founders’ willingness to ask people to live by high standards, and to live by such standards themselves, is inspiring, it is no substitute for engagement with Caesar.

Good luck to them, but ...

The forces in this country that are threatening to destroy everything Ave Maria stands for will not leave anyone alone, anywhere.

They will follow us into our very homes, our very churches, our very minds, with a vengeance. Their logic and tendency, though perhaps not their conscious aim, is totalitarian.

The sooner and more clearly we understand that, the better.

Wow, Mr. Frisk, you really described Islam well.

The same applies to militant Islam, which is consciously totalitarian.
But I meant leftism.

I’ll turn NARAL’s bumper sticker friendly argument around 180 degrees: if you’re against Catholicism, don’t move there.

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